The Summer 2016 issue is on its way and here is the cover! The dress and jacket set featured on the cover was designed by Gail Doane. This issue is packed with creative ideas and projects for your summer sewing. Don’t forget to share with your friends on social media!


  1. hi I subscribed back in April and summer issue was not delivered….I did receive the new Fall edition just yesterday. ..when does my subscription run too will I receive next summer edition the seeing this summers did not arrive..Just wanting a guide line so I know what to expect next year. Loved what I read so far in my new fall edition .

  2. Can I purchase the summer 2016 magazine? Love this dress an jacket have a granddaughter that will love this.

  3. Just have to tell you..this is by far the most beautiful magazine ever! I’m totally in love with what I have seen so far. I just sit and dream about what I can do..such talent and so grateful it’s being shared with all of us who have a love of sewing. We have truly received a wonderful gift!