Epic Sewing Machine

This week we announced the winner of the Designer Epic Sewing Machine from HUSQVARNA VIKING® Sewing Machines.

Congratulations to Marie Bonaduce-deSoto of New York!

She will be receiving the machine from HUSQVARNA VIKING®. We can’t wait to see all of the beautiful creations that come from her new DESIGNER EPIC™ sewing and embroidery machine! Don’t forget, now through July 31, you can trade in any sewing machine, in any condition, for a $4,000 guaranteed trade-allowance towards the purchase of a Designer Epic Sewing Machine.

The reimagined Designer Epic™ machine tailors the sewing experience around your wants and needs through a tablet-like interface, WiFi, 120 step-by-step animated and illustrated tutorials, and much, much more. The result is a brand new sewing experience where your own creative exploration can come to life.

HUSQVARNA VIKING® is also kicking off an amazing trade-in promotion, just in case you aren’t the lucky winner! Trade in ANY sewing machine of any brand, any condition, and receive $4000 guaranteed trade-in allowance toward the purchase of a new Designer Epic™.

Phyllis & Kathy!

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  1. I would love to win this awesome machine to make my daughter her nursery sets and be apply to get back to sewing for myself and the family. I love sewing just haven’t had a machine to do it with for a few years..

  2. I am new to embroidery machines. My sister and I inherited my mother’s Husqvarna Viking Topaz 20 and we are both enjoying learning on it. I would love to win this so that my sister and I both will have a machine of our own.

  3. Id like to think this machine would be the push I need to create a new life! Whoever wins, I hope it makes all the difference!

  4. I just can’t wait to win this machine and start using it. This machine will be a welcomed addition to my sewing room.

  5. I’ve been saving for a new machine for so long as I am only sixteen I’ve been saving from babysitting and little jobs here and there.this machine would be a dream come true for me. thank you for the opportunity

  6. Love, love, love Vikings! They are the best! I still have the one with cams that I bought in the 70s! And now have a Saphire. They are work horses!

  7. I am unfortunately having to start ovet witj my life at the age of 48. I was very ill and almost lost my life last year. I am happy to say with my family’s support and a lot of hard work. I am ready to live every moment. I love to sew amd quilt. This would be a dream come true for me. Thank you so much for your time.

  8. I loved to see.
    However since I lost my legs someone told me that I would be able to see using this machine.
    Thanks for the contest because I would never be able to afford this.

  9. This machine is state of the art! I am intrigued with the new needle threader, cloud storage, and so much more.

  10. After I saw this contest and told my sister about it, she told me she’d seen this embroidery machine that very day and was really impressed with how nice it was! She’s owned two embroidery machines, so her opinion counts!
    And yes, she’s entering to win this one too!
    What a great embroidery machine this would be to own!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. I have a Designer 1… It’s old and uses FLOPPY DISKS! but still runs strong. I just wish I could embroider the larger designs newer machines can sew. I feel very limited. There is an Anita Goodesign pack I’d love to stitch out, but it’s for a larger frame than my machine accomodates. :::::sigh:::::

  12. I have been drooling over this machine since it came out, but…………………………cannot afford it even with trade-in. Sure would give the added incentive I need to embroider, etc. Taking care of hubby with Alzheimer’s in an Assisted Living and this machine would sure relieve some of the stress that goes with this disease. Oh well, I’ll just have to keep drooling – lol.

  13. I would love to own this machine as there is know way I could afford to buy one. I do own a huskylock 905 for years best overlocker I have owned.

  14. I have never owned a sewing machine like this. I have looked at them and was hoping to buy one but my husband had a stroke 6 weeks ago so it looks like no time soon. this would be a dream come true. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  15. My Epic was my Christmas/retirement gift from my husband and family; it simply hums while sewing and is a dream machine! If won, this would be my daughter’s who currently owns a designer ruby; we are a Viking family.

  16. I have never owned a Viking, it would be a great opportunity to try one.
    Thanks so much to Classic Sewing and Viking have a great day y’all

  17. Swoon! What an amazingly generous opportunity. This machine looks awesome. Thanks for the chance Phyllis and Kathy and Viking!

  18. My first grandbaby is on the way, a girl, and I have always wanted an embroidery machine. Thank you for the opportunity to be able to get a machine like this and sew for that new grandbaby.

  19. I would love to win this new sewing machine!! I still have my Viking 1+ and love it– still sews like a champ! I’m planning on retiring from nursing soon so I can get back to sewing more!

  20. I have never considered trading up….I love my Vikings. Started out with the #1+, sold that when I bought my D1. Also, have an Se Le and my serger is a 936. It would be wonderful to win the new Epic. I have even dared to check it out for fear that I would want it. Thanks for the chance to win it.

  21. What a great prize this would be as the one of the best Viking dealerships, Stitchin’ Post Little Rock, is nearby.

  22. Love my Diamond. Amazed that you can continually improve on perfection! The Epic looks just that – EPIC. Can’t wait to try one, hopefully win one!!

  23. I bought my only Viking in 1995. Still sews like champ. No, I will not trade it in, but I do need a newer machine and embroidery machine would just top it off! Thank you for a chance to win, but if I do not win, I hope some one so deserving gets it. Good luck everyone, who signs up to win.

  24. I would love to win this machine! I am always sewing clothes for my grandchildren. My current machine is 13 years old.

  25. I need this sooo bad. I have 3 old Designer 1 machines and a Newer 5 thread Hus Serger. I love my Designer 1’s, they are work horses ,I may have all three working at one time, and I also use them at tradeshows all the time. Customers think I am selling them and/or they want me to show them how to use their Designer 1, because they bought one years ago and never learned how to use it. (I Love, love, love, my serger) ,
    The designer 1’s are sooo old. I am embarrassed that all 3 are old. I need at least one new machine so I can teach those that have bought newer machines than mine how to use them.
    Thanks, I await notification that I have won.

  26. I would love to win a fantastic machine like this one. I look at these machines and think maybe someday. They are always out of my price range.

  27. I am currently embroidering a Christening Gown for my great granddaughter. Oh how I would love to have this wonderful machine. I am also a Home Economics teacher and this would give me an opportunity to teach others.

  28. I have always wanted an embroidery machine! I could just never afford one. It looks like a wonderful machine. I would love to learn to use one. I hand embroidery currently. Thank you for this opportunity!

  29. Stunning. This would definitely expand my capabilities as each Husqvarna Viking machine has done since I bought my first one in 1979. Imagine the possibilities…

  30. I worked on this machine in a class at the Original Sewing Expo with Alicia Welcher in Lakeland, Fl…this year. Oh my goodness!!! what a machine. Please!!! let me win this sweetheart!

  31. I would love to have this machine! It is such a beautiful embroidery machine. I could do bigger projects without much problems!!