Embroidered Appliques - Classic Sewing

Embroidery Design By Deb Yedziniak
Embroidered Appliques - Classic Sewing
Now is the perfect time to try a version of embroidered appliqué inspired by Jenny’s Embroidered Decoupage® method. With this technique, you create freestanding embroideries that are used as appliqués so they are not permanently embroidered to the garment. The embroidered appliques can be applied to the garment and then later removed and re-used if desired. Plus you have infinite creative flexibility arranging and re-arranging the designs as desired before tacking or basting them in place onto the garment by hand or machine.

Embroidered Appliques - Classic Sewing

The jacket features a floral design from Jenny Haskins’ design collection, Lottie’s Poppies, which can be found at authorized Jenny Haskins retailers nationwide. Find a dealer near you at www.rnkdistributing.com.

We have chosen a design from our newest Jenny Haskins collection, Love of Lilies, as your free download for this issue. This design will work beautifully with our Embroidered Decoupage® technique by omitting color #1. Enjoy!

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