Jelly Roll Giveaway

Thank you for your interest. Our Jelly roll giveaway has ended.


  1. How exciting it would be to win a Jelly Roll for my quilting addiction. Very good of Classic Sewing Magazine to offer this contest !!

  2. Just beginning to quilt. Not that I do not know how, just getting to have the time in my life. Thank you. Beautiful magazine.

  3. Thank you so much for the chance to win a Jelly roll. I have never sewn with a jelly roll, but I have seen some really neat projects on a variety of blogs made with jelly rolls.

    • Sorry to hear what caused your blogging absence but darned glad that you are on the mend! Please take extra care of yourself and try to stay as healthy as is possbile!

  4. Would love to win. My stash is getting low and would love to replace with some of these. Thanks for the chance. Mary

  5. WOW, A chance to get a jelyroll would be so appreciated. I do not own a cutting mat or rotary cutter so this would be very much appreciated.

  6. I never seem to have any luck, thus, I never win anything. The Jelly Rolls are so colourful and so interesting. Would love to win this. Thank you.

  7. I never win anything…ever! My husband is the one who has the luck around here! Having said that, I doggedly keep trying! Thanks for the chance, and for your fantastic magazine!

  8. Have now received my second issue of Classic Sewing. I love the magazine. Thanks for offering this wonderful give away. Just in time to make Gail Doane’s beautiful dress on the cover of the second issue. Thank You

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  9. Sewing for 35 years and heirloom sewing for 20+, but just started my first real pieced quilt top last week! I cut all the fabric for this one but would love the next to be from a jelly roll!

  10. I was so excited to receive the latest issue with the pattern for the dress and jelly roll jacket. I’m definitely going to make this outfit for my adorable granddaughter. I’ve got the perfect jelly roll in my stash already but was excited to enter for a chance to win another. After all, a stash can never have too many jelly rolls!

  11. What a joy it has been to receive this lovely publication. Thank you so much! Thanks for the opportunity to win a jelly roll!

  12. I love your magazine. Thank you for the chance to win a Jelly Roll. I love looking at them, they are always so beautiful!

  13. Received your magazine as a gift. Love it and thanks for the patterns and ideas. Sewing for my grandgirls is my life! LOL!! Thanks again for hosting a giveaway! What fun! Good Luck Everyone!

  14. I have a wonderful skirt pattern that uses a Jelly Roll. My daughter is expecting her 3rd in May. I would love to make it up for her. You know how much you want something new to wear after a baby is born, you are so sick of your maternity clothes. You don’t fit into your regular clothes yet though. This pattern I would be able to easily alter as she slimmed down. Thank you so much for the chance.

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  15. Love your magazine. It really makes things a lot better because I really miss Sew Beautiful. Thanks for all you do. It is really appreciated.

  16. Wow! What an opportunity. I don’t own any jelly rolls, and certainly would love to find out all about them. I have four granddaughters to sew for, and know I could find lots of uses for it . Thank you for your this chance to win one.

  17. Thanks for the opportunity. I now have 2 granddaughters to sew for and I have been eyeing that beautiful jacket in the magazine. I really enjoy reading Classic Sewing!

  18. I just purchased my first jelly roll to make a lap quilt…can’t wait to get started. I love all of the colors and it makes it so easy since we don’t have to search for the colorway combination. Thanks for a great magazine and all of the inspiration you provide your subscribers.

  19. I learned so much from your story! I’ve seen them in the fabric stores, but since I’m not a quilter, I never paid much attention to them….I may have to look more carefully next time.

  20. I just bought my first two jelly rolls this weekend and already have some ideas for how to use these little treasures. 🙂

  21. This is great! Thank you for the chance to win a jelly roll. I love them but have not really used one. I think they can be used in many ways. Hoping to win…

  22. I’ve never worked with “jelly rolls” before but am anxious to try and to learn. Thanks for the opportunity!

  23. I love sewing magazines and I subscribe to them all! Seldom do I read every word in them, I pick and choose the articles that interest me and then file the magazine away. NOT SO with Classic Sewing magazine! I read and reread the first issue until my second issue came. Now, I’m on the second time through it. I am so inspired by the stories and how to articles, oh my!
    Thank you so much for this incredible work, calling it a magazine doesn’t do it justice. I’ve been calling it “My Sewing Book”….husband knows exactly what I mean…(caught him reading it the other morning as we had tea on the deck).

  24. Can’t wait to make my Granddaughter this jacket. She will proudly model her “coat of many colors”. Precious idea!

  25. Looking forward to the new issue. Haven’t received it yet. Would love to win the jelly roll. Have never worked with one. Always have cut my own strips.

  26. I’ve never worked with a jelly roll. Love the jacket pattern made from the jelly roll. So cute. Thanks to Classic Sewing for the magazine and opportunity to win a roll.

  27. What a wonderful gift from Classic Sewing Magazine. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to win a jelly roll! Love your magazine. So thankful to have it!

  28. I am delighted to find a publication about what I love, Classic Sewing. I look forward to sewing and seeing all you put together!

  29. I’ve never used a jelly roll before, but the precious dress and jacket in the latest issue are a perfect way to start! Thanks for the chance to win!

  30. Thank you for the beautiful magazine!!! I do so enjoy reading it. So fun to recognize so may of the featured artists. Nice to have a drawing included to spark more excitement!!
    Hugs to All!
    Mary Hawkins

  31. I am fascinated by the colours pf all jelly rolls and I have purchased many in hopes of making some quilts. As I have been working full time and as I have an underlying illness, I find that I am quite tired but retirement is close ahead and I plan on sewing and quilting to my hearts content. I have started a lovely quilt and slowly working on it and hopefully it will be finished soon. The jelly rolls bring so much colour into my life and, of course, that’s what quilting is all about. Thank you for this opportunity and it would be so wonderful to win. Thank you again.

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  32. I made a skirt with jelly roll and lined it to made it reversible. I like the different patterns of the fabrics. Thank you for a chance to win a jelly roll.

  33. I would love to have the opportunity to work with these jelly rolls. Most of my sewing is the making (with 2 others) two foot dolls for kids with cancer etc, which are given away free including P&H, so let me know if you know of a child in need.

    I am a 75 year old fiction writer with 1 book at amazon and another perhaps in 2 more weeks (I hope.)

    I have COPD along with other things, but I can sew, and love to do so. Hope I am a winner, but then hope one of you will enjoy that status if not me. Take care folks. Another day East of here. Had to give up website so it may not be on line anymore. Not enough donations to pay for it and mail out the dolls also.

    Vickey S.

  34. Love jellyrolls and the idea of making a dress and jacket using one is unique! I can’t wait to get started on this project. Thank you for running this article and giving us so much inspiration.

  35. My youngest grand daughter saw the jelly roll dress and jacket on the cover of my magazine and asked if I would make it for her for next Easter. Now I need to win the jelly rolls to make it for her. Thanks for this and other beautiful ideas and patterns.

  36. Thank you for a chance to win my very first jelly roll! Classic Sewing Magazine has become so important to me in terms of content, inspiration and learning how to make things I never imagined was possible to make at home:) It is a dream world that is truly possible to enter and create such beautiful things. I can also say that I have learned about new resources that I never knew existed and I have dealt with several of them already and they were kind and generous in their assistance and help:) I have shown and told everyone about your magazine and have already started saving for a renewal! Thank you!!!

  37. I have never used a jelly roll, but always wanted to. The jacket on the magazine is so beautiful and I know a beautiful little girl that it would be lovely on. What a great way to try out a jelly roll!!

    • – Amazon Verified Purchase() This review is from: These are nice, inexpensive and good quality. The blue is a very classic baby blue. I also ordered the codarinoting skirt and sheet and several months later am still happy with all three.

  38. I love everything about Classic Sewing. I just got my 2nd issue and am already looking for a way to renew for another year. Great Job to the creators……….you did fantastic.

  39. I have never purchased a jellyroll and have been wanting to. I retire next year and thought that would be a terrific project as I sew a lot of home decor. Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

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  40. What a great idea. I have 4 great nieces I love to sew for. Of course, I try to make the same outfits for all four. They are all four different sizes, but I love using the same patterns and usually the same fabric. Sometimes I do go with different fabrics. Two belong to one niece and the other two to the other niece. The two nieces are sisters. It is my therapy. I love my sewing. I lost one daughter several years ago. She loved everything I sewed for her. I have another daughter who gave me my first grandchild – an adorable boy. She doesn’t care for smocked clothes for him – just jeans and t-shirts. Oh, well. Therefore, I stay busy sewing for my great nieces and projects in my sewing group at church sewing for pregnancy centers, nursing homes and shut ins.. It keeps me busy, but very satisfied.

  41. I am not a quilter, but admire the beautiful colors in Jelly Rolls. I love the pattern on the magazine cover and am looking forward to making it.

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  42. Thank you for the opportunity to win a jelly roll. I only have one at this time. Planning to make the jelly roll dress for each of my 2 granddaughters.
    I really enjoy the new issue of Classic Sewing. I’ve read it cover to cover. Now I need to do some planning.

  43. Just saw the cutest pattern today to make from a jelly roll. I’d love to try and make it as I don’t have any jelly rolls!

  44. As of now, I have only one Jelly Roll and it is looking very lonely. I need to acquire some friends for it. Thanks for a chance at your giveaway!

  45. I made a layered skirt for my granddaughters out of a jelly roll. Turned out real cute. Would love to make another one.

  46. I have 5 new great nieces and nephews- I need to make several quilts fast!! I think jelly rolls will be the best solution for this way behind Great Aunt. Fingers crossed we get selected to win

  47. I was given a subscription to your magazine as a gift and you emailed me several months ago & asked for my email address for your records. I haven’t received anything from you……not sure what you have sent to subscribers but I have’t received anything. Am I missing some things from you?

  48. Great article about using a jelly roll in the latest Classic Sewing Magazine and now a chance to win a jelly roll- it just doesn’t get any better! Thank you for everything: )

  49. Jelly rolls are like a beautiful present! You don’t really know what is inside until you open up the package 🙂 I adore the dress and jacket Gail designed, and may make one even though I have no one to make it for. Next I need to find some pretty hankies! Loving my subscription sew very much <3

  50. I have only one jelly roll, it was a gift and the colors are not my colors at all. I would love to make the jacket and dress for my granddaughter, out of your beautiful colors. Thanks for the lovely magazine, the fantastic patterns that come with it and the chance to win a jelly roll in truly beautiful colors!

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  51. I love the process of sewing, and the end product of my work, but I do not enjoy cutting, cutting, cutting. Jelly Rolls are absolutely wonderful for people like me 🙂

  52. This is so great because there is a class being offered in June using jelly rolls to make a scrappy table runner. Thank You!

  53. Thank you so much for the opportunity to enter to win a Jelly Roll. THANK YOU for the magazine! It is quality and done beautifully. I have savored these. I am not able to sew in this season of life, but am looking forward to when I can resume. Thank you again.

    • Dang…you always have the best shoes! Love that dress, too. I would have cut the fringe, also. Looks great that way.Totally agree with MJ, too. I know a lot of moms that don't think they can be fashionable and a mom at the same time. Like you are somehow being selfish by caring about your appearance. Huh? I didn't know that being frumpy was a requirement of being a mom. 😉

  54. I have never made anything with jelly roles, yet. When I saw this precious jacket I knew right then I needed to make this for my little granddaughter. Jelly roles here I come. Thanks for giving us a chance to win one.

  55. Sounds fun to try one! Thanks for the opportunity to win a jelly roll, I love the magazine and this would be wonderful too!

  56. Jelly rolls are great for many different projects and very versatile ~ always a great item to have on hand for quick projects

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  57. I up cycle men’s shirts into toddler and baby girl dresses and overalls! I am always in need of great embellishments! I also am finishing my first landscape quilt, again another reason for more fabric! She who dies with the most fabric wins, right?

  58. I would like to start a project using the Jelly Roll you are giving away. I have never used a Jelly Roll before, but I am anxious to try one. Thank you for the opportunity to win it.

  59. Thank you so much for this opportunity. I, too, have been eyeing this jacket and dress – with plans for one of my greats. Thanks again and many Blessings.

  60. Love the magazine. I’ve probably read it six times and am finding new tips and information each time. Love the patterns. Thank you.

  61. I’ve been eyeing this pattern and have the perfect little girl to sew this for. She is the daughter of one of my friends. I sew for A a lot. She is so adorable and fun to spend time with. The family is also very low on resources, so its doubly fun for me. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to win a jelly roll!

    • How nice of Classic Sewing Magazine to offer us all a chance to win a Jelly Roll. I’m so excited for everyone. So cool. Can’t wait.