By Phyllis Hoffman DePiano

What a Masterpiece!

You know how I love to sew. I especially adore lace and pearls for my granddaughter, so my collection is growing way too extensive—but that’s another conversation. Several months ago, Martha Pullen called to tell me that her granddaughter Sarah Joy was getting married. I wondered then just exactly what Martha would do to make everyone drool, and by George, she did it.


This past weekend Kathy McMakin and I attended the beautiful wedding of Sarah Joy Crocker and Major Ty Huffman. Now I won’t review the stunning wedding as that would take pages and pages to tell you of the enchanting couple. But I do want to showcase the amazing cakes, and you can guess who the grandmother behind this was—Martha Pullen.


When I got a glimpse of the cake, I thought the flowers were real! They are made from sugar by master cake designer Bob Johnson. When I got closer, I examined the cake and could not believe my eyes. Each layer was decorated with a different lace pattern created with icing, and icing pearls adorned each one.


My heart stopped. This was over the top. Who else would have thought of this but Martha! The photos do not do this cake justice, but I wanted to share the exquisite way she wove her love of lace into this glorious day. The bride’s dress was made completely of lace, and to see this echoed in the cake was splendid.


The groom’s cake was a handsome stack of books. (I actually didn’t realize it was a cake until I got closer.) The monograms on both cakes personalized them perfectly.


I don’t know how anyone could have cut up these pieces of art, but alas, they were enjoyed by all.

– Phyllis



  1. Absolutely stunning bride and cakes! I sure hope there is an article in an upcoming Classic Sewing magazine of this special day. Thank you for sharing the gorgeous pictures!!! Martha Pullen has always been such a huge inspiration to me with her beautiful Southern genteel style. I still own every one of her Sew Beatiful magazines and I refer to them often.

  2. Yes, exquisite is a proper description of the wedding cake …oh my!!!!!! Bless you Martha and Kathy for sharing it with us. I know it must have been a lovely wedding. The best wishes for Bride and Groom! Love Lenice Garrison

  3. What an incredible wedding cake; I kept changing the adjective – non of them seemed enough, so I will say it is beyond beautiful, amazing, gorgeous and delicious! ! I decorated cakes when my girls were little and the work and time to create this cake is monumental, but I am sure he had a staff. Making the lace is incredible, did you see how they met at each piece of lace (sigh). To get those pearls all the same size is hard work, I’m sure that one person made all the pearls because once you get the hang of it you don’t want to stop. My excuse was always balloons come in different sizes.
    I wonder if the largest flower is frosting, fondant or silk and what flower is it? The monograms are perfect and the groom’s cake is stunning and handsome. I liked doing open book cakes because I thought they were a little easier being square but check out those stacked rounded bindings and the title ‘Closing the Ring. They look so good, I want to taste the filling ! Finally, I noticed the lace on Martha’s coverup and it is close to the design on the cake. It’s 11 pm now and I can’t decide whether to make a cake or do embroidery!!

  4. I remember Sarah as the adorable little baby in Sew Beautiful. What a stunning young lady. And the dress. I love and appreciate the covered shoulders.

  5. Oh my goodness! Leave it to Martha to find the perfect cake designer, and wow they are delightful! Thank you for the beautiful close ups!