Oliso Giveaway

We have now closed the entries for the Oliso Iron Give-a-way.

The Oliso TG1600 iron is an innovative new iron that will make a wonderful addition to your sewing arsenal. Our friends at Oliso were kind enough to send me one, and let me tell you, it is awesome.

The TG1600 was designed especially for sewists. What makes it smart? It’s the only iron that lifts itself off the ironing board so you won’t burn your fabric.

I love “smart” anything and this smart iron takes the cake! It’s sturdy, heavy enough to remove wrinkles without effort, but light enough to glide easily over anything that needs to be ironed or pressed.

I’m not sure which is my favorite feature – the no-lift attribute or the easy fill spout that creates a strong burst of steam! Ironing and pressing are such integral parts of any sewing project. My Oliso iron is a much-appreciated companion in my sewing room.

It’s also safer and ergonomic, shaving up to 30% off pressing time. With an extended 30-minute auto-shut off, a side-fill tank, beadblast chromium ProPress soleplate, and a 12-foot cord, the TG1600 is ready to work so you can have fun!

– Phyllis



  1. Just purchased my first Classic Sewing Magazine! I’m so excited to dive into the many projects offered in such a beautiful publication! The amazing Oliso iron would be a wonderful addition to my sewing room! Happy sewing everyone!

  2. This iron would be a welcome addition in my sewing room! My DD just got married and her old room has become my sewing room. I am setting it up with my machines and could use a new iron!

  3. I would love to win this awesome iron. My friends who owe it rave about it.
    Thank you for offering the chance to win.

  4. I got to use on of these irons at a workshop and it was lovely. Good weight, nice ironing and pressing and a little bit of a learning curve when it “jumped” up.

  5. This is a lovely iron. What a great give-away. When is the draw date?
    This iron would make my quilting process easier as ironing is my least
    favourite job. Maybe, it would become my fave – lol.

  6. My nice iron has developed a leak. Have used an Oliso before and it was wonderful! Thank you for the opportunity to enter the contest. I am not usually lucky but believe in old saying …. never give up.

  7. Not only is this a great iron (features), it is so sunny & cheery! I love the yellow accents. We have two irons in heavy rotation at our house- once I make those dresses I like to see them displayed nicely when the girls wear them! 🙂 This would make a great mom-only iron. (oh, who am I kidding, they are all mom-only irons….the girls are too little and my hubby doesn’t iron at all) 🙂

  8. We purchased a very expensive iron at our Rusty Barn show in Phoenix. However, our water is so terrible that it destroyed the inside. Now I only use distilled water in my irons, but even then they don’t last all that long. I would just love to receive this wonderful iron. I’m going to be 72 this year and I still iron all of our clothing <3.

  9. How perfect!

    My iron just fell off the ironing board (courtesy of a son who does not understand not running in the house!) and now can no longer hold water. Not good…..

    I’ve heard only wonderful thing about Oliso. Awesome!

  10. Used this in a seminar, awesome iron. Someone will be a lucky winner, hope they enjoy the ease of ironing with this iron, would love to own one.

  11. The best iron makes everyone look amazing . My mom is in her 80s and she’d love the experience of using this great iron!

  12. I have used the Oliso in classes and loved it. With all the sewing and quilting I do it would make a great Mother’s Day gift.

  13. I sure could use a new iron and this one sounds great. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the contest.

  14. A wonderful iron like an Olsio us on my ” If I ever win the Lottery” list. I could never buy one and I’m grateful for contests that give us all a chance at owning one. Thank You !

  15. A good iron is an essential tool for producing quality work. I would be thrilled to use this model! Fingers crossed!

  16. Would LOVE to be able to experience this Iron Have heard so much about it. Thanks for giving a chance to win one of these irons. Thanks again.

  17. I asked for a gift certificate for Christmas, planning to get an Oliso iron. However, it was more than my certificate so I don’t have it yet. My friend loves hers!

  18. How nice of Oliso to share with your readers. This would be a wonderful addition to my sewing room. Thank you.

  19. Thank you for the chance to own such a fabulous iron! I’ve sewn (and also taught sewing) for many years, the importance of a good iron cannot be overstated. It is definitely.the difference between “home made” and “professional” results!

  20. Great Giveaway, I would really love to win this iron. I am a homemaker and I’m always ironing clothes.

  21. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to enter, I am still using my Mothers iron that she had for several years, and now it is mine, I don’t know how mush longer it will last, so it would be a blessing to have a new iron, Thank you.

  22. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this iron. Did lots of comparison a year ago and this was my choice; however, have not been able to purchase yet. Love, love, love the fact you do not have to pick it up every time to use it. Have neuro/muscular disorder and sometimes have muscle weakness in arms so this would be great benefit to me in my children’s sewing business. Am learning to work around occasional symptoms. Love all the great features in the specs. One quick question, is the discount code until Mother’s Day for the Olisio site or Classic Sewing Magazine. Assuming is for Olisio but want to know for sure just in case (ha) I don’t win this one.

  23. I am doing more quilting, sewing, and fabric crafts. sure could use a good iron. Thank you for the chance to own this

  24. My last iron caught on fire at 5:30 am on a very wet morning 🙁 I sure could use a new one and could promise that I would use it everyday! Thanks for the opportunity!

  25. wow, thanks to Classic Sewing for offering this giveaway of the Oslo Pro TG1600. This would be a nice addition for my sewing experience.

  26. I am so excited about Classic Sewing magazine and its sponsors! I have needed a new iron for a long time and love the Olisio brand. I would so appreciate being chosen as the winner of this wonderful iron! Thank you!

  27. Get to use an Oliso at work…..and it is so nice. Thanks for the opportunity of maybe having a chance ot having a really great piece of sewing equipment at home.

  28. Thank you for this chance. I go through so many irons, as I use them every day. I would love to have this iron, I’ve looked at them for a while now and it would be great to own one. Thank you.

  29. Wow,, this is a dream come true if I win this iron. My Rowenda iron spits and takes forever to heat up and then turn off too quickly.

  30. There is nothing more important when creating a new design to have an awesome iron at your side! This is an iron I would love to have!

  31. What a beautiful iron. Just looking at it will make the ironing less of a chore! Sounds great to use during sewing construction.

  32. Thank you for the opportunity to perhaps win a new iron. Like others, I could really use a new iron and this one seems wonderful!

  33. I have used this brand of iron. it is really neat the way it just lifts it self off the ironing board. what a saving on ironing board covers.

  34. My Iron died on Sunday after working on Baby gifts for 2 new Babies due this month. Thank You, for the opportunity for a chance to win this wonderful Iron…

  35. I love the new technology in irons!!! How easy it looks to use! !! Would look gorgeous in my sewing room!!!!

  36. I’m new to quilting it’s been expensive to start from the beginning
    A new iron or jelly roll would be ideal to get me going why quilting
    I’m in a new decade of my life….. It’s time to make choices to do just about anything I want…. I ve learned you can tell stories in a quilt … So I decided to start there. I have 2 grown daughters and 3 grandchildren
    They will be my stories…. With a little help from wining a new iron and jelly rolls I figure it’s a very good way to start…I enjoy reading all the comments and stories thank you for filling in while I get use to my new decade!

  37. My iron died several months ago and I have been limping along with my travel iron. Thank you for the opportunity to win this amazing iron.

  38. What a lovely addition this iron would make.to my sewing room. The bright color would make one happy just to pick it up. The features sound amazing.

  39. All of your magazines are an inspiration.
    I would like to resurrect my sewing hobby.
    It was so enjoyable then.
    Thanks for this…I hope I win too!

  40. I had an Oliso a couple years ago and it finally died. I have sooooooo wanted another one. It is the best!! Unfortunately, I have not been able to purchase one due to many things that were more of an emergency to fix around the house. It would be a true blessing to win this iron and it would be used everyday. I promote it to everyone all the time! I think it is the best iron I have ever used.

  41. I would enjoy the iron. Thank you for the opportunity. I love the smart features that make it such a great iron with the pop up feature and such a long cord!!

  42. I have a really bad habit of just sliding the iron aside when adjusting fabric on the ironing board. With this I wouldn’t have to worry about scorching anything or worse yet, a fire.

  43. I have given up on steam irons. I would love to try this one out to see if there is actually a reliable one available!!

  44. I use one at a local quilt shop and love it. Would love to have one in my home. Thanks for the opportunity. Thanks

  45. Just this morning, I realized it was time to look for another iron. This is a great gift for you to give away! Thanks for allowing me to enter. Maybe I will wait a few days before making a purchase!

  46. Thank you this wonderful chance to own a great iron.
    I have seen this iron but have never used one. Thanks again

  47. OMG – I SO need a new iron right now!! Mine needs to be cleaned – especially after my daughter literally burned a hole (a big one too) in her favorite shirt!!

  48. As I was just finishing a baby gown yesterday and had to wash off marks I told myself: “That’s it! I need a new iron!”

  49. I would love to be the proud owner of one of these beauties, yellow is my favorite color, thanks for the chance….

  50. I could sure use a new iron. My iron is so old I can’t even remember when I purchased it. It still works okay but it doesn’t have any fancy stuff on it. It would be lovely. Thank you.