1. Use the following pattern pieces from “The Bodice Dress” by Collars, Etc.:

a. front and back bodices, collar, and skirt for View 1
b. sleeve, sleeve band and sash instructions for View 2.

2. Trace a full front bodice pattern onto tissue paper:

a. Cut paper twice as wide as pattern piece plus 2″, and 2″ longer than pattern piece.
b. Mark vertical center of paper; draw a horizontal line perpendicular to vertical center about 3/4″ above lower edge of paper (fig. 1).
c. Place pattern piece under paper with vertical centers matched; lower cutting line of pattern should rest along horizontal placement line at center front. (Pattern line may curve up away from placement line toward sides; that is okay.)
d. Trace pattern cutting lines onto paper; flip pattern and trace other side for a full bodice pattern (fig. 2).

3. Place traced bodice pattern over template; align vertical centers and horizontal placement lines on pattern and template, making sure to use correct placement line for chosen dress size. Use a ruler to extend template lines to edge of bodice.

4. Trace embroidery and Madeira template onto full front bodice pattern; be sure to use correct horizontal placement line for dress size. Flip template and tape to a window or use a lightbox to trace opposite side (fig. 3).

5. Trace one collar pattern onto tissue paper; mark grain line and seam lines and any other pattern markings.

6. Align outer curve of pattern front edge as closely as possible to placement guide on template and trace embroidery design onto collar pattern; be sure that grain lines are parallel (fig. 4).

7. Flip template over and tape to a window or use a lightbox to trace opposite collar pattern onto a separate piece of tissue paper (fig. 5).

Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3
Figure 4
Figure 5