1. Pre-shrink and then lightly starch and press all fabrics.

2. Using layout guide, cut from white linen (fig. A):

a. bodice front block, 1″ larger than new pattern piece on all sides
b. collar block, large enough for right and left collar pieces with room for a hoop at front edge of collar pieces
c. two collar facings
d. two bodice backs
e. two sleeves
f. two sleeve bindings

3. Use layout guide and cut from blue linen (fig. B):

a. skirt front and back
b. sashes
c. bias strips for corded piping around sleeves and collars, and across bodice front at waist
d. block for Madeira appliqué band, 41/2″ long and same width as bodice block.

4. Cut lining pieces from white batiste; refer to layout guide provided with pattern.

Figure A
Figure B