Note: Trace cutting lines with fabric pen so lines show on both sides of fabric; trace template and embroidery lines with fabric pencil for finer lines and more accuracy for embroidery. Test to be sure that marks can be removed after ironing.

1. Trace bodice front onto white linen block (fig. 1):

a. pattern cutting lines
b. horizontal placement line
c. Madeira template line; extend 
template upper edge to side 
cutting line
d. embroidery design
e. mark center front in seam allowances at waist edge and just below Madeira template line.

2. Trace right and left collars onto white linen block; include pattern markings and embroidery design. Place collars to leave room for a hoop at front edges (fig. 2).

Working Embroidery

1. Use a hoop and work with one strand of floss in embroidery needle.

2. Refer to Stitch Book for stitch instructions. Work in the following order on bodice and collars (fig. 3):

a. stem stitch vines
b. fly stitch leaf
c. double lazy daisy petals
d. French knot flower centers

3. Press embroidered pieces from wrong side. Cut out collars and set aside. Do not cut out bodice until Madeira band is applied.

Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3