1. Place Madeira band block over bodice, both right sides up. Match centers and match upper pressed edge of band to template lines on bodice; bottom edges of band and bodice should match. (It is okay if band is slightly longer than bodice. But if bodice is longer, shift band down to meet bodice edge and keep upper band edge parallel to traced line.) Pin well and then baste in place 1/4″ from all edges of band.

2. Trim band to fit sides and lower edge of bodice if necessary (fig. 4).

3. Pinstitch by hand or machine along upper pressed edge of Madeira band; stop stitching at side cutting line of bodice:

a. By machine: Set machine for pinstitch, L2.0, W2.0. Test to see that needle swing just catches edge of band and straight part of stitch lies on bodice fabric (fig. 5).
b. By hand: Refer to stitch instructions in Stitch Book.

4. Press from wrong side. Cut out bodice.

Figure 4
Figure 5