These instructions assume prior construction experience. Refer to pattern instructions, for View 1, with the exception that sleeves and sashes are made according to View 2.

Make the following changes:

1. Make piping according to pattern instructions for View 1 collar. Prepare enough for two collars, two sleeve bands, and front bodice waist.

2. Attach piping to front waist edge; remove piping cord from side seam allowances.

3. Optional: Apply a 1″ strip of interfacing underneath buttons and buttonholes before lining is attached.

4. Prepare sleeves as directed for View 2. Apply piping to upper edge of sleeve band before stitching ends together; remove cord from seam allowances to reduce bulk.

5. Prepare sashes according to pattern instructions for View 2. Pleat or gather sash ends to match width of Madeira appliqué band.

6. Optional: Apply a snap at back neck edge under collars. Apply a hook and eye at waist seam, and add sash loops 11/2″ from back edges to hold sash bow in place at waist.

Claudia Newton is a designer and instructor whose love of sewing and embroidery began at age 10. For several years she served as an editor for Sew Beautiful magazine and other Martha Pullen publications. Claudia now enjoys traveling to teach embroidery and fine sewing; you may contact her at for information about her SAGA-approved classes.