A Lesson In Whitework EmbroideryPreparation

1. Fabric should be pre-treated in the manner in which the finished project will be laundered. Lightweight fabrics may also be lightly starched and pressed dry before tracing and working the embroidery designs.

2. Place the pressed fabric over the pattern/template. Lightly and carefully trace the pattern lines and the embroidery design onto the fabric. It is suggested that you trace just inside the template lines for any satin stitch motifs; this will help to keep the size of the finished motif accurate.

3. A hoop will be required for some stitches and is optional for others. When using the hoop, make sure the fabric is held taut; use “donuts” of fabric, interfacing, or acid-free tissue to protect the fabric from hoop markings if necessary. To make donuts, cut two circles larger than the hoop; place one circle underneath the fabric and the other on top, then hoop all three layers as one. Carefully cut a hole in the center of each circle that is slightly smaller than the hoop but large enough to expose the stitching area within the hoop; cut only the donut layers, not the fabric.

4. A hands-free hooping system is very convenient for this work, or a hand-held hoop may be clamped to a table; some stitches may be worked in hand without a hoop.