Jane MakuchAs a designer, Jane’s schedule varies and she sews enough to complete about two projects a month. Almost everything inspires her creativity, but organization is critical. “For me, organization is the groundwork of my creativity. When I see my collections of fabric, patterns and notions lovingly arranged, it allows me to relax and encourages me to create,” she says.

Her sewing room was converted from what was once a second master suite in the home, allowing her ample space to create a cozy “studio apartment” feel with the sofa, television, and several unique storage solutions that include a wire basket on wheels and a large, round tiered display case that houses trim. Her working realm wasn’t always this way. “I spent years trying to make a smaller room work, which it did in a utilitarian way, but it wasn’t inspiring. Then, one day, I pictured my ‘walk-in, fabric closet,’ and that was my starting point.”