Jane Makuch
Jane’s creative space is filled with needlework supplies in addition to her sewing stash. Her clever displays of fabric bundles, threads, notions, and memorabilia capture your attention in any direction you look. The tree of jelly rolls is a lovely decoration in addition to being a unique storage idea.

Space was Jane’s number one motivation in designing her sewing room. Secondly, she wanted to keep her non-sewing collections nearby. “It makes me happy and truly encapsulates my personality. Every time I walk in, I think of things I’ve made and about what I’ve yet to create,” she says.

Although she has never had a mentor, Jane has “an awe-inspiring respect for antique linens, handmade lace, monograms and quilts,” and she has some samples on display in her sewing room. Framed in a shadow box are linens with a quote from Jane Austen: “Run mad as often as you choose, but do not faint.” Although the quote is not technically about sewing, Jane says, “it reminds me to design and sew with abandon!”

Jane spends a good deal of time encouraging other sewists to try different things, even though they may be difficult. “Now I find myself looking for ways to tell other sewists, ‘of course, you can’.”

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