Jeanna Hanna Embroidered Collar Shirt wiith box pleat

Sally’s Embroidered Collar Shirt is classic and casual, with just a touch of fancy! To create this darling shirt, designer Jeanna Hanna adapted her Sally & Samuel pattern from Blue Ribbon Heirloom Designs. She added a small box pleat to the center front and changed the neckline to accommodate a machine-embroidered, scalloped-edge collar ruffle that is finished with a bias binding. In our Autumn 2022 issue of Classic Sewing, Jeanna shares this project and credits her PFAFF® creative icon™ 2 sewing and embroidery machine for helping her construct her beautiful heirlooms.

“I have been a PFAFF® owner since 1990. My PFAFF®s have always treated my fine laces and fabrics gently but with precision. In my opinion, PFAFF® machines have always had the best hemstitches on the market…an essential for any heirloom sewist! My creative icon™ 2 sewing and embroidery machine offers top-of-the-line capabilities for every sewing need. The large embroidery hoop and touch screen technology allows for so many creative opportunities. The wireless device integration is a godsend…no more plugs and wires to navigate across my countertop! Voice control and advanced editing software are just a few of my favorite features of the creative icon™ 2 sewing and embroidery machine! I’m a PFAFF® girl for life!” — Jeanna Hanna

Jeanna Hanna embroidered shirtEnjoy Jeanna’s expert tutorial for adding a small box pleat to a top or dress pattern, and be sure to check out our Autumn 2022 issue of Classic Sewing magazine for her complete guide to making Sally’s Embroidered Collar Shirt and more!

Adding a Box Pleat

1. Place the front pattern piece on the fold of the fabric as directed in the pattern instructions.

2. Move the center front line of the pattern 1″ from the fold of the fabric (fig. 1). This will be the pleat allowance and the fold is the new center front.

Box Pleat 1
Figure 1

3. Cut out the front, leaving about 1″ above the neckline and cutting across the 1″ gap at the lower edge. Hand crease the center front fold line.

4. Open out the front. Using a ruler, draw a line along the creased fold and another 1″ away on either side. Using the pattern piece, mark the neckline on both sides of the center front line, continuing the line across the 1″ gap (fig. 2).

Box Pleat 2
Figure 2

5. Fold the front in half, wrong sides together, matching raw edges and the 1″ marked lines.

6. Draw a dot 3″ down from the marked neckline on the 1″ line. Straight stitch from the neckline to the dot, backstitching at the beginning and end (fig. 3).

Box Pleat 3
Figure 3

7. Open the front. With the right side facing you, align the fold with the stitching line to create a box pleat (fig. 4a). Make sure that there are equal amounts of folded fabric on each side of the center front. Press in place. Trim off the extra fabric at the neckline (fig. 4b).

Box Pleat 4
Figure 4a
Box Pleat 5
Figure 4b

Jeanna Hanna is the designer, creative director, and business woman behind Blue Ribbon Heirloom Designs along with her husband, Mark. She offers online classes and vintage-inspired patterns. Visit and for classes and kits. You can also find Blue Ribbon Heirloom Designs on Facebook and Instagram.

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