American first lady

Written By Emma Reeves

The First Lady of the United States is a role that has fascinated American women for years. The Constitution does not provide a definition or boundaries for the role of the First Lady, leaving this role up to the interpretation of each First Lady. Each of our country’s leading ladies has brought her title to life in a unique way. First ladies are wives, mothers, hostesses, and advocates. Whether they are entertaining, speaking, traveling, or simply strolling through the White House, they are influencing American women with each decision they make. The extent of their influence is especially evident in the realm of fashion.

Photos Courtesy White House Historical Association


With every dress, suit, and hat worn, the First Lady presents an image to the world. She lives in the balance between being the leading lady of the country while also being an average woman that people can relate to. In the 19th century especially, fashion was a key way that these women endeared themselves to America.