Autumn Adornments project by Jean Sands

Project by Jean Sands | Photography by The Harris Company and Mac Jamieson

With the bygone era of formal dressing daily, vintage lace and trims are sought after by sewists for a modern twist and no longer are beautiful quilting techniques hidden under chenille bedspreads. Applying lace to a ready-made garment adds an elegant touch. The lace is peeking out from underneath the collar and is showcased down the front of a blouse. The pumpkin-colored linen blouse contrasts with the ecru lace, showing of every delicate detail. Equally beautiful is the tone-on-tone appliquéd lace on the white shirt. The random placement of lace motifs utilizes small pieces of lace and edgings.

Autumn Adornments project by Jean SandsYour collection of fabrics, lace, trims and embroideries provides all you need to be the artist! Whether you make your own or adorn a ready-made jacket or blouse, experiment with color and fabric.

Adding a modern twist to traditional strip piecing, Jean has chosen to frame hand embroidered blocks with this quilting technique. Purchase our Autumn 2018 issue to download Jean’s instructions for adapting your favorite jacket pattern to create your own strip pieced quilted jacket.

The butter yellow blouse sports a wide remnant of edging that is sewn down the front, while the entire blouse is trimmed in a delicate flat lace.

Autumn Adornments project by Jean SandsAutumn Adornments project by Jean SandsJean Sands holds a bachelors in Physics and a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering. She holds an American passport but for the past 10 years has divided her time between France, the United States and China. She started sewing around the age of 7 making stuffed animals, her own clothes and learned to quilt. She now dabbles in the uses of vintage lace and fabric, found abundantly in France, and in using her technical skills to create fun useful objects out of fabric. Some of her finds and what she does with them can be found on her blog.

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