Wedding Veil Monogram - Classic Sewing

By Phyllis Hoffman DePiano

Monograms are a personal statement of style, especially when the monogram contains the newly added initial on a wedding day. Kellie Harrington found her dream dress and veil for her special day, each having beautiful laces. The one thing she wanted to enhance this already gorgeous ensemble was to have her wedding veil monogram include her new initials. It was very long and had a beautiful shape at the base—the perfect place for initials. When she brought the veil to me to be monogrammed, I had two thoughts. First, yikes! What if I mess it up or don’t center the monogram? Second, would a beautiful applied medallion be the best choice to really show off the monogram?

Finding laces that matched or blended with the existing lace was the first challenge. The lace on Kellie’s veil was intricate Alençon lace. I contacted Baltazor Fabric Boutique in Metairie, Louisiana, in search of lace that matched that on her veil—Michelle’s Rose. Baltazor offered several options of widths; I selected the 9-inch band that had two borders and central motifs. When it arrived, it was a perfect match. I carefully cut the lace apart, leaving the two borders intact and many motifs to use for embellishing.


Since the veil was wedding-day-ready, her initials were stitched onto a trial piece of tulle to test different letter styles. The perfect one was chosen and then monogrammed onto a piece of tulle. (Working with tulle can be very challenging unless the proper stabilizer is used for embroidery.) All three of her letters are very flowing and curvy, making a beautiful monogram. As is the custom, her new last-name initial was in the center, larger than the flanking first-name initial on the left and the maiden-name initial on the right.

Initials on veils and trains should be in scale with the dress. The lace medallion is a very simple way to apply a monogram to a veil. Great attention should be given to the style of the veil so that the monogram lies perfectly flat when the veil is worn.

The second challenge was to stitch the embroidered monogram on the tulle without disturbing the delicate tulle. Once a letter style has been selected, use a tear-away stabilizer in the hoop, monogram the letters, and then gently, slowly remove the stabilizer. (Wash-away stabilizer is extremely difficult to remove as the starchy adhesive sticks to the holes in the tulle.)

Wedding Veil Monogram - Classic Sewing

Work on a separate piece of tulle so that it can be moved around on the veil for perfect placement. Once the place for the monogram has been chosen, gently baste into place, aligning the letters perfectly with the hem of the veil. Then completely cover the edges of the basted tulle with lace. The finishing touch is the sprinkling of lace motifs around the medallion. Pearls can be added to match the dress.

Creating a separate monogrammed medallion banishes the fear of messing up the actual veil. You can play with the lace trims and motifs, and the bride can decide exactly where she would like the monogram to be placed. (Kellie’s monogram was placed at the base of her veil so that it would lie flat behind the dress.)

Brides love their new monograms and are showcasing them on trains and veils. As sewists, we have an opportunity to create one-of-a kind pieces for weddings. I beamed with pride as this lovely bride walked down the aisle, her monogrammed veil gently draping behind.

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