Classic Noel Coin Purse - Classic Sewing holiday sewing project

Pattern By Alicia Welcher

This adorable bag was designed with the inspiration of our favorite vintage coin purse. We made the purse extra festive with a selection of holiday plaid. While our modern purse is 7″ x 8,” it is inspired by its petite predecessors. Coin purses—few carry them today—but if you’re from a certain generation, you either had one yourself or likely remember grandma’s little snap-top treasure, filled with jingling coins and tucked away in her “pocket book.”

The purse pattern and instructions are available in the 2016 Holiday issue; the elegant gilded “P” motif (an optional embellishment) is a machine embroidery monogram. The entire alphabet, Allison Banks Monogram Set, in three sizes is available for download as a gift for 2016 Classic Sewing magazine subscribers or can be purchased separately.


Allison Banks Monogram Set

Pochette Ball Frame

Clip-on Purse Chain

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