March is National Craft Month! To celebrate, we’ll be featuring a few of our favorite projects from past issues of Classic Sewing magazine right here on our blog. The projects we’ve selected to feature include both garments and home decor projects, and range from embroidery projects to items you’ll make with your sewing machine and serger. All the projects are perfect for springtime sewing. We’ll also spotlight some of our products, clubs, and online classes offered on our sister site, The Sewing Collection. We hope you enjoy!


By Connie Palmer, originally featured in our Spring 2017 issue

Decorate a pre-made or from-scratch pillowcase using Connie Palmer’s quick and easy instructions for creating this adorable double-scalloped embellishment. Add a bit of embroidered edging and an embroidered monogram from the Classic Sewing 2017 Monograms and presto-change-o—you have a wonderful personalized pillowcase!


Designer Tip: If you do not have a hoop large enough for the design, it can be embroidered in multiple hoopings or you could use just one letter. — Connie

The directions given are for a premade pillowcase. If a gingham hem is desired, remove and replace the pillowcase hem with a gingham fabric hem or cover the existing hem with a layer of gingham fabric. The double scallops and the embroidered edging embellish the pillowcase front only.


The embroidery is from the 2017 Classic Sewing monogram set. It is available in 3″, 4″ and 5″ letters and is a gift to the 2017 Classic Sewing magazine subscriber or is available for purchase from the Classic Sewing magazine boutique.

1.  Determine which side of the pillowcase will be the side that will show. This is the side that you will embellish.

2.  Fold the pillowcase in half lengthwise and crease to mark the center. Measure up the center 4-1/2″ from the hem band seam and mark. This is the embroidery center.

3.  In software or at the machine, pull up the center letter in the 4″ height. Pull up the side letters in the 3″ height and arrange as desired.

4. Hoop tacky water-soluble stabilizer paper side up. Score the paper and remove from the inside of the hoop, exposing the tacky surface.

5. Place the marked side of the pillowcase on top of the stabilizer, aligning the center marks on the pillowcase with the registration marks on the hoop.

6. Ensure that the remaining parts of the pillowcase are not caught under the hoop and embroider according to the machine manufacturer’s instructions.

7. Cut excess stabilizer from outside the embroidered monogram and soak to remove the remaining stabilizer. Let dry and press well.


1. Place the ruler on the wrong side of one 4″ x 22″ fabric strip. This fabric will be the back layer of scallops. Mark around the outside and all holes and slots (photos 1 and 2).

2. Place remaining 4″ x 22″ fabric strip to the marked strip, right sides together. This fabric will be the front layer of scallops. Sew 1/4″ inside the drawn lines, pivoting at the dots (photo 3).

3. Trim, leaving a 1/8” seam allowance and clip all points and curves (photo 4).

4. Following the drawn dashed line, cut down the center of the strip through the marked layer only (photo 5).

5. Turn the strip right side out and press well. Use the scallop pusher to ensure that the sewn edges of each scallop are fully turned (photo 6).

6. Fold created piece in half with the raw edges to the inside (photo 7).


1. Measure the side of the pillowcase to be embellished. Cut the embroidered edging and the created double-scalloped trim to this measurement plus 1/2″.

2. Fold the long raw edge of the embroidered edging to the wrong side 1/2″ and press (photo 8). Fold the sides of the embroidered edging 1/4″ to the wrong side and press.

3. Place the wrong side of the embroidered edging to the right side of the pillowcase, aligning the top fold of the edging with the seam of the hem band and the side folds with the side seams of the pillowcase.

4. Pin and stitch the top folded edge of the embroidered edging to the pillowcase.

5. Unfold the double-scalloped trim and fold each side to the wrong side 1/4″. Refold and press well.

6. Place the double-scalloped trim on top of the embroidered edging, aligning the top folds. Pin and stitch through all layers next to the fold. Stitch again approximately 1/8” away from the first stitching.

7. Stitch down both sides close to the folds, through all layers.


What began as a simple interest in sewing 35 years ago has blossomed into an exciting adventure that Connie Palmer loves to share with her students. She travels and teaches for Martha Pullen Licensings, School of Art Fashion, Original Sewing & Quilt Expo, and Sewing at the Beach.


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