Messenger Bag

By Debbie A. Homer-Hofhines

We all know machine embroidery can take a project from ordinary to extraordinary. But machine embroidering on leather? Even some seasoned embroiderers are afraid to take on this feat. However, as with most anything in sewing and embroidery, you just need to use the right products, taking baby steps, and that fear will slowly dissolve as you achieve flawless results. Try your hand at embroidering on leather as you create this trendy Floriani Steam Punk messenger bag. Before you know it, your fear of embroidering on leather will be totally gone and you’ll have a fabulous bag to show for it!

You can also download the embroidery design along with the full instructions on our Autumn 2017 downloads page under “Messenger Bag.” Debbie is a Floriani designer and teacher. She conducts hands-on classes for Floriani, all over the U.S. and Canada. She also authors books, designs, and embroidery.


  • One 13″ square of leather
  • One 13″ square of Floriani Dream Weave Ultra
  • Floriani Wet-N-Stick Tearaway stabilizer
  • Floriani Medium Tearaway stabilizer
  • Floriani Chrome needles, Leather, Size 90/14
  • Floriani embroidery thread
  • Floriani Embroidery Perfection tape
  • Embroidery designs of your choice

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