Enchant French-Inspired Bolero Dress

By Debbie Glenn

Whether visiting the Louvre or Jardin des Tuileries, it’s not unusual to see Parisian toddlers dressed to perfection.

Do you long to make lacy heirloom garments like this adorable French-inspired bolero dress, but find positioning lace frustrating, especially when it’s gathered? Do you desire a faster, neater way to finish edges with lace—one that can be used to finish everything from curves to points, without rolling and whipping seam allowances, or having to worry about trimming too close? Then Debbie’s unique lace edge finishes using fusible thread may just change how you sew with lace forever. Quilters use fusible thread for flawless bindings, couturiers for matching intricate designs, placing trims and turning tiny even hems, so why not in heirloom lacework? Using this unique thread as a positioning aid eliminates the need for hand basting and messy glues. The applications are truly endless.

Enchanté is lovely constructed with a pink linen bolero bordered by white feather stitching accented with pearl seed beads and a pink skirt. The sweet lace-trimmed angel sleeves, shaped lace tab and pin stitched scalloped hem make this little dress truly enchanting!