Fine Finishing Techniques Video with Gail Doane

Three simple words describe Gail Doane’s finishing details: perfection, perfection, perfection! In fact, she’s often asked, “How in the world can you get all these details so perfect?” On this video, Gail answers that question as she shares tried-and-true methods for fine finishing techniques that will mesmerize even the most experienced of sewists. She keeps her instructions elementary enough for beginners to understand, too! Unravel the mystery of beautiful piping and exquisite binding – two details we all strive for in our sewing – as Gail explores every shape that you will encounter in garment construction. From cutting perfect bias, making piping and bindings, and sewing it in, these methods Gail has developed over many years of sewing create precision elements that will take your skills to the next level. She also shares her special tips on creating a mock Hong Kong finish, secrets to creating the perfect bound buttonhole and more.

Fine Finishing Techniques Video Project Details

 Time : 1 hour 58 minutes

You will learn :

  • Cutting Perfect Bias
  • Making Piping
  • Continuous Piping – Starting and Stopping
  • Piping – Pre-finishing the Ends
  • Creating Sharp Piped Corners
  • Piping Tight Rolling Curves
  • French Bias Binding
  • Embellishing with 1/4” French Bias Bindings
  • French Bias Binding with Piping
  • Piping and Binding in the Round
  • Mock Hong Kong Finish
  • Bound Buttonholes Quick and Easy