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1. If you have not already done so, cut out the two bodice fronts on the fold (one lining and one outer) and four bodice backs (two lining and two outer).

2. On one front bodice (outer bodice), staystitch around neckline 1/4″ from neck edge as shown on guide sheet. This is the bodice that will be embellished with lace and embroidery.

3. Finger press a light crease in the center front bodice and mark a lace placement line 1″ to each side of the crease with a wash-away marker.

4. Starch lightly and press two lengths of lace insertion long enough to extend beyond the upper and lower edges of the bodice by at least 1/2″ beyond the 1″ lines. BEFORE CUTTING LACE PIECES, PLEASE NOTE: Most laces have a motif of some kind creating a pattern in the lace, like a flower or scroll. Make sure you take note of the lace pattern when attaching straight pieces of lace close together, as in this bodice front. Make sure you have enough length to adjust the laces so that the patterns in the lace match each other on the bodice.

5. Place tear-away stabilizer under the marked lines.

sewing machine

Brother Sew Along Instruction

6. Pin each inner heading of lace to the marked line. There should be 2″ of bodice fabric between the two lace pieces. Straight stitch or tiny zigzag all four headings in place (this is the same technique used when applying the lace to the skirt). NOTE: Using the built-in laser on a machine like THE Dream Machine 2 is very helpful in keeping the lace straight and your stitching straight (photos 13 and 14).