Organizing my sewing room is a ritual, an act of pure devotion to the space that I call my Sewing Haven. I escape there to create, to dream, to review my pattern collection, or to re-fold fabric just for the pure joy of looking at beautiful textiles. It nurtures my soul to see dappled light streaming through the windows and falling on buttons I placed on the table.

I love to listen to rain drops falling while I am cutting out a new garment to sew. When I am finished, I close my door and leave knowing that I will return to my place as soon as I can.


I love the decorating that is a part of having a sewing room. Our sewing rooms are decorated as if it is the living room with all the attention to detail. And why shouldn’t our sewing rooms be treated the same? It’s where sewists spend hours of their lives and the surroundings are a part of the experience. I discovered Go-Organize and thought this was a beautiful system for bringing order to a room with a splash of color. The soft pastel hues that are available make decorating fun. Whether you love buttery yellow, mint green, powder blue, lavender or white, the color combinations you can have will inspire you. Next decide what types of storage drawers, bins, and cubbies you need specifically designed for your needs.

Creating a welcome and luxurious ambience is made simple with Go-Organize.  Go to their website and explore the endless possibilities.