“This is the elegant way of presenting a token of tradition in a personal way that can be passed down for generations.”

This precious little bonnet started as a square hemstitched handkerchief. By simply folding and taking a few stitches by hand, a lovely keepsake can be created that will serve as the christening or home-from-the-hospital bonnet. And when the baby is grown, the stitches can be snipped and the lovely handkerchief becomes her bridal hanky. The groom can present his handkerchief to his bride as the “something old” for their big day.

The beauty of this quick-to-make gift is the simplicity of construction. The fabric selected must be heavy enough to hold a shape when starched and pressed, making linen a great choice. Lace can be added or a strategically placed monogram if desired.

Any size handkerchief will work as long as it is square. If you are making this bonnet for an older baby, you can start with a larger handkerchief or make your own by hemstitching a square of linen.


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