Perfect Winter Outfit
Photography by Lydia Maria Hawkins

This sweet knit dress is just right for crisp days and, when paired with the fur-lined accessories, perfect for really chilly weather. Or, stitch up a winter wonderland outfit suitable for not-so-wintry weather too.

Winter Outfit
Photography by Lydia Maria Hawkins

This simple dress is fun to fancy up with trim, appliqués, or other embellishments! Our sample dress sports rows of Sashiko machine flip-stitched floss lined up across the bodice and around the hem and cuffs. The vest, cap, and boot straps are embroidered with sweet little birds and berries from the “Wrenly” design set by A Bit of Stitch. Soft faux fur and sturdy knit fabrics make this outfit comfortable and easy to care for!

Winter Outfit
Photography by Lydia Maria Hawkins

Get the patterns and instructions for the dress, vest, cap, and boots by Evy Hawkins, owner of A Bit of Stitch, on our Holiday 2017 downloads page under “Kate’s Winter Outfit.” Pattern sizing for the dress, vest and cap is 18 months. Boots size is a 4-5.

Find the instructions for the boots and cap below and more festive projects in our Holiday Issue! Evy travels and teaches at sewing events throughout the USA and also online. Visit her website

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Winter Outfit
Photography by Lydia Maria Hawkins





  • Cap: 1/4 yard (use same fabric as vest)
  • Lining: 1/2 yard* (use same fabric as vest lining)


  • Sewing thread to match fabric
  • Two 20″ lengths of grosgrain or satin ribbon (5/8″ wide) to match cap fabric (OR create fabric straps as desired)

*Only 1/4 yard is needed for the cap lining, but an additional 12″ x 12″ (at least) will be used for the bias-cut fur brim. If the fabric is a bit stretchy, the brim piece may be cut on the straight grain.

SOURCES: German Interfacing: Farmhouse Fabrics; French Terry Knit: Organic Cotton Plus; Double knit fabric shown was purchased in store at Cut Up And Sew. Check for many varieties of double and ponte knit.

Diagram1. Cut out the cap pieces according to the pattern. Embellish the cap fabric pieces with embroidery if desired. This pattern requires a ½” seam allowance. When applying embroidery, do not let the embroidery extend into the seam allowance areas. Refer to the stabilizer tips given in the vest instructions. NOTE: The cap shown in this article was embroidered after the cap fabric pieces were sewn together so that a continuous embroidery design could be used.

2. Note the cap “front” and “back” on all pieces.

3. Pin the cap side fabric pieces to the center gusset fabric piece, right sides together. Sew both seams, one on each side of the gusset. Take care NOT to stretch the fabric as you sew. Heavier fabric may require a bit of easing over the crown area of the cap. Take care not to let the fabric pleat or pucker. Repeat for the fur lining pieces.

4. Clip the seam allowances along the curves of the fabric cap and press open as much as possible. Working from the right side, top stitch a fat 1/8” from the seam on both sides (photo 1).

5. Trim away the excess seam allowance next to the top stitching on the wrong side (photo 2). 

6. Trim the seam allowances on the cap lining to ¼” and zigzag stitch.

7. Fold the brim fur piece in half lengthwise, wrong sides together. Place it on the right side of the fabric cap along the front edge, aligning the long raw edges. Zigzag stitch through all layers along the cap’s front edge (photo 3).

Winter Outfit Diagram8. Place a cap tie on each side of the cap at the bottom edge near the front, aligning the end of the tie with the raw edge of the cap. Sew in place ¼” from the edge (photo 4).

9. Slip the cap into the cap lining, right sides together. Make sure the gusset seams are aligned. Pin the cap and cap lining together and sew all around, leaving an opening at the lower back center (photo 5).

NOTE: Make sure the ties are tucked away from the edges so they will not be caught in the stitching when you join the lining to the cap fabric.

10. Trim the seam allowances to 3/8“, grading the front edge if necessary. Clip the corners. Turn right side out. Hand sew the opening closed.