The Sewing Box: Innovations That Enhance Our Sewing Experience

Curve Ruler from Clover

Curve Ruler from Clover is an essential set of rulers for pattern drafting and adjustments for garment sewing and fashion design. Rulers can be used for armholes, necklines, hiplines, hems, or for small modifications. The three-piece set includes the French Curve, Hip Curve, and Mini Ruler (1×6 inches).

Roxanne Glue-Baste-It from Colonial Needle Company

This 100% water-soluble appliqué glue dries in minutes and holds firmly until you want to loosen it. The unique syringe applicator allows controlled placement of droplets of glue. It contains no dyes, waxes, or harmful chemicals and is pH neutral. It’s great for appliqué work, quilt binding, chenille strips—use it anywhere you would normally use pins. Dip & Dab features an applicator bottle with a small tip for thin lines or tiny dots for concise application. One hundred percent water-soluble, it dries clear, remains flexible, and holds firmly until it is washed. The small bottle makes it perfect for travel or for everyday emergency use.

SCHMETZ Super Nonstick Needle

SCHMETZ Super Nonstick Needle has a slippery surface that ensures less adhesive sticks to the needle. The nonstick coating and extra-large eye make these needles an asset for machine embroidery. The distinctive scarf and special eye prevent skipped stitches, and the slightly rounded point provides trouble-free sewing on most materials. The strong, conical blade reinforcement easily handles thick fabrics like denim. It is offered in four sizes with five needles per card.

Wonder Fuse from Clover

Wonder Fuse from Clover is a premium fusible fabric especially suited for appliqué in all forms. It is a soft, lightweight paper-backed fusible fine enough to bond with even the minutest fibers, ensuring edges are always clean and smooth. If the design is intended to be worn or laundered, apply zigzag or blanket stitches to the edges to ensure permanency. The lightweight construction of Wonder Fuse becomes virtually invisible between layers of fabric, adding neither bulk nor stiffness.