By Carol Ahles

A touch of lace can take an average garment to stunning! Although lace is beautiful it can be a pain to work with, so we are sharing a few tips to use on your next project.

  • Spray starch on each piece to be sure it stays flat. Let dry flat and touch up press, medium heat, if needed.
  • Keep in mind that some laces and trims shrink significantly. For example, one piece insertions could shrank to 12-7/8″ from 13-1/2″ when spray starched.
  • Steam shrink lace to be gathered (medium heat) but do not starch it; starching will make it more difficult to gather.
  • Take care not to stretch any trim or lace as you press.
  • Laces with fine, narrow headings will be easier to zigzag or pinstitch neatly. An edging foot with a center guide helps when aligning side-by-side laces, or joining lace and entredeux.
  • Should you want to make a lace wider, zigzag an insertion to the heading, straight side, using the technique un-gathered lace to lace.

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What are your tips for working with lace?