Z Shirt
Photography by Mac Jamieson

See the guide below for creating Zelma Reid’s embellished Classic Sewing shirt masterpieces. For more information on the shirts, follow this hyperlink.

“Just Sew Everything” Shirt


Fabric & Trim

  • 2 mini charm packs (80 21/2″ squares)
    • Small T-shirt uses approximately 45 squares
    • Medium T-shirt uses approximately 55 squares
    • Large T-shirt uses approximately 65 squares
    • XL T-shirt uses approximately 75 squares
  • 3 yards of Rayon Lace Edging  (17/8″ lace used in this T-shirt)


  • 1 yard of Soft Fuse Premium Fusible Web (18″ wide)
  • Thread
  • Wash-away marker
  • Glue stick

Cutting and Creating the Z-Shirt 

Z Shirt Diagram1. Cut the Soft Fuse into 5″ squares.

2. Fuse any four of your 21/2″ squares to the rough side of the Soft Fuse.

Note: It is a good idea to use a pressing cloth while fusing fabric to the fusible web.

3. Cut the 5″ squares apart and divide the fabric into separate colors. This will make placement easier when you begin to design your T-shirt.

*CF = Center Front; CB = Center Back

4. Fold your T-shirt in half and mark the CF and CB neck edges with a wash-away marker. Bring the CF and CB marks together and then mark the two sides of the neck ribbing.

Note: this will NOT be at the shoulder seams.

5. Pin the CF neck ribbing to a fabric board, with the neck edges together, and stretch the neck ribbing as far as it will go. Make a note of this measurement. Stretching the neckline prior to measuring allows you to make the opening large enough to pull the T-shirt over your head after attaching the non-stretch lace.

Double the measurement found in step 2 and add 2″. Cut a piece of lace this measurement for the neck finish.  (For example: If your neck ribbing stretches to 14.5″, you will cut 31″ (14.5″x2=29″+2″=31″).

Carefully measure the width of the bottom front of your T-shirt, from side to side. Double this measurement and add 2″. Cut a piece of lace this measurement for the hem finish.

Fold back ends of each piece of lace to make a clean finish, using a dab of glue stick to keep your folds in place.

6. Divide the lace for the neck edge into four equal parts, matching the folded edges at the back. Mark the CF and quarter-points with a blue wash-away marker.

Place the lace on top of the ribbing, wrong side of lace to the ribbing, aligning the top edge of the lace with the top edge of the ribbing. Match the CF and side marks of the lace and the ribbing and pin at each mark.

*See the next page for more instructions.